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Pilgrims of the Wild is a 40 minute collaborative gallery film, starring Lori Blondeau, Michael Farnan, and Adrian Stimson. The work was shot in and around the Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan. Among other things, the video explores the legacy of Grey Owl to National Park history, Canadian settler narratives, Indigenous - non Indigenous relationships, Canada's colonial history, and decolonial aesthetic activism.

The work was created as part of Michael Farnan's Studio based Ph.D in Visual Art and Culture. The project was called Representing Wilderness: Community, Collaboration, and Artistic Practice. Credits are limited on this clip, so special thanks to Clark Ferguson who worked as Director of Cinematography, and Jordan Poniatowski, Audio Engineer. The song "We are Bison" was written and performed by Colin Farnan.

The full film can be available for viewing upon request.

Pilgrims of the Wild preview reel